"Birtu Child Focused Organization"

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Formation of the organization

Mrs. Birukan Mengiste was the motivation force behind the formation of "Birtu child focused organization" after fetal medication and battling cancer, also volunteered on couple of civil organization by giving awareness on cancer following that start of its service, the organization,has been in existence for a long time, both privatly and in collaboration with other organization. Because of her vision and the fact that she has goen through it, The organization was formed to ensure that sopport is secure in the future


Aiding cancer patients and persons with dis-abilites,as well as children,mothers, and youth,in Ethiopia,in becoming selfsufficeint citizens by providing them vocational traingings


• Provide medical and nutrition support to cancer patient while they are undergoing treatment.
• Encourage children to receive an education and grow into responsible citizens.
• Assisting needy mothers in maintaining a healthy lifestyle by avoiding extreme poverty.
• Encourage young people to break free from harmful convention behaviors and become citizens who work for the good of their country and themselves.

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